What Your Ex Isn't Telling You About Your Teenage Daughter

There's a special place in Heaven for parents of teenage ... daughters. I wouldn't be a teenage girl again for any amount of money. Any. It would be even more expensive to make me a single-dad-divorced-parent of a teenage daughter. Specifically of one who is hormonal.

With all of the emotional ups and downs, one minute I observe my daughter feeling terrific, the next moody and a little crazy pants. Add to that a divorced-family situation, and all bets are off.

I spoke with a single dad recently who told me his ex refused to speak with him about his daughter's period. No information about when to expect it, what to have on hand to deal with it, and how to help her deal with the {literal} pain. Yikes.

If the communication between you and your ex is sad at best, here are a few things she's probably not telling you about your daughter and her period, that you definitely need to know:

  1. She will try to play both parents against each other, be on the lookout and don't let this happen. The best antidote for arguments started by what your kid is saying is to have open communication between the parents. Keep your side of the street clean {no bad-mouthing your ex}, assume mom is doing the same, and ignore any information to the contrary. This is regardless of her hormonal status, by the way.
  2. You need period supplies. At between 12-14, your daughter will start her period. This will make her cranky and moody. Remember this, no matter what: her crankiness and emotional-ness is not about you. Don't take it personally and for God's sake, don't engage in the crazy.
  3. If she comes with supplies, go buy duplicates. If she doesn't, take your daughter to Walgreens and ask her to get what she's been using. If she doesn't know, visit Drugstore.com and get a box of pads, tampons, and some Teen Formula Pamprin or Midol.
  4. Her period is not an excuse to be disrespectful or rude. Don't take any shit, just remember to see the situation for what it is and what it isn't.
  5. Put a Period Tracker on your smartphone. You can track when she's going to have her period, which will serve as an early-warning system for you. {Get one if you have a girlfriend, too.} She will be sweet as pie during one visit, and the next she could be feeling emotional and vulnerable, and you may for the first time be able to understand what that's all about.
  6. Know that women cycle together, so chances are your ex is going to be on her broomstick at about the same time as your daughter. Just check into the nearest Four Seasons or head out of town on a business trip. You're welcome. 
  7. Invest in some chocolate for your daughter, and some fine wine for you. All will be well.
You've got this, dad. Hang in there, and post any questions in the comments.

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