Happy Single Dad Day & a Giveaway

When I first wrote The Successful Single Mom someone asked if I was going to write The Successful Single Dad, and my response was, "No, I've never been a single dad." But in 2011, it became apparent that dads needed a book, too, because I heard a lot of, "I'm a single dad. I read your book and just replaced "mom" with "dad" and pretended the book was for me."

Last year in August, I published The Successful Single Dad. 

Both books are similar, but I replaced the "mom" stories with "dad" stories by interviewing some amazing single dads ... it turned out that when I started looking around, there are single dads e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! 

More and more men are getting full or 50% custody of their children, and staying actively involved in their lives ... even turning down career opportunities or starting new businesses just so they can see their kids at every opportunity. *Applause!*

Cheers to the single dads and Happy Single Dad Day!

If you're a single dad, you haven't read the book and you'd like to, I'd be happy to send you one. The first 5 single dads to leave their answer to this question in the comments will receive a complimentary book, "What's the best thing about being a single dad?"