Single Mom and Single Dad Transformation Program Facilitator Certification

The Single Mom Transformation Program (SMTP) was developed for single moms, and was based upon my STMA (Short-Term Massive Active) executive coaching program, so Honorée Corder could write The Successful Single Mom book. She worked with seven single moms over the course of 100-days to perfect the Program and write the book. 

Then, in August 2012, due to high demand, she published The Successful Single Dad and created the Single Dad Transformation Program, too.

From September 10th through December 17th, Honorée will be conducting the Single Mom & Single Dad Transformation Program Facilitator Training. The training is virtual and takes place in 8 sessions over 100 days.

The Single Mom and Single Dad Transformation Program Facilitator Certification is for professionals who want to facilitate Honorée Corder's work with single moms and single dads. We are a community of compassionate and fiercely positive folks who believe being a single parent by choice or by chance is the beginning, and anyone has within them the power to transform their lives into anything and everything their hearts desire.

We're looking for heart-centered people with amazingly positive attitudes, a heart for single moms and dads, and a desire to help others. If you have been through a divorce, or see a lot of divorce in your life and business, and want to help single parents find hope and create a new life, one that they truly love, this certification just might be for you. Our facilitators and facilitator-candidates so far are financial advisors, network marketers, realtors, and the founder of a non-profit.

Others who might be a perfect fit are: psychologists, counselors, therapists, divorce attorneys, clergy and divorce coaches. 

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, contact Honorée Enterprises COO Joan Richardson at 214-422-3965 or email Joan {at} CoachHonoree {dot} com to receive an application. September Certification will be limited to 10 facilitator-candidates.

Due to an overwhelming response, we will be doing our next Single Mom & Single Dad Transformation Program Certification starting January 14th, 2014. 

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