Embracing Happiness as a Single Parent

When you're a single parent, how often do you think of pursuing your own personal happiness? Honoree Corder, author and creator of The Successful Single Mom, recognizes the tendency of the single parent to always put their kids' happiness first and foremost, but she stresses that by prioritizing your own happiness once in a while can lead all single parents to "have extraordinary lives." She revealed to Care.com who she leaned on as a single mother to her daughter, how she's learned to re-prioritize her life, and how finding love has created a win-win situation for her family.

Single parenting can be especially tough because as a parent, you get stretched so thin. How are you making it work for yourself and for your kid(s)?

I was ruthless with my time: I worked for myself, so I worked only when my daughter was at school.

Read the entire article here at Care.com.

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