• I create my life. I create the exact level of my success.
  • I play full-out with the intention to win.
  • I admire and emulate successful and balanced people.
  • I deserve success, love, happiness and the very best of everything!
  • I believe success is important, success allows me to have liberty, and I enjoy my success.
  • I become rich and successful doing what I love.
  • I deserve to be successful because I add value to others and the world.
  • I am truly grateful for my success.
  • Opportunities to increase my success consistently come my way.
  • My capacity for greater success continues to expand day-by-day.
  • I expect success.
  • I attract success to me like a magnet. Success comes to me as if by magic.
  • I am an irresistible magnet for unlimited money, clients, goods, services and opportunities every single day!

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