A Dream Talk with Your Ex

What if you could have a talk with your ex(es) that was free of agenda, baggage, posturing, fear or positioning? Imagine what that talk would be like? What would you want to talk about? What questions would they answer for or about you?

What if it were a talk of absolute truth ... would you be prepared to hear it? And if it were perfectly accurate, could you make the changes within yourself that such a talk might reveal?

Since we all know that talk is unlikely to happen, what's a good alternative? How about having the conversation with yourself first and then work with a coach or counselor? The introspective talk is a good start, but having someone that is trained in helping you through the process can make the difference between "real healing" and "repeating." Think of it this way... would you rebuild your home with your own two hands after a fire or would you have a contractor do it; especially if the fire was at least partly your fault?

The point here is: we're all going to make mistakes and decisions don't always work out. But making the changes to avoid repeating them gets us another step closer to being the person we are meant to be.

A big thanks for my anonymous single dad guest blogger!