The Successful Single Dad Book: Meet the Dads

When I wrote The Successful Single Mom, I had the pleasure of working with single moms for 100 days, who allowed me to coach, push, encourage and embrace them. They contributed their thoughts, ideas and best practices to the making of the book The Successful Single Mom. For this book, I interviewed successful single dads from all walks of life. Allow me to introduce you to the dads I interviewed for The Successful Single Dad:

Dan, dad to Sam, age 16, and Traci, age 13. Dan is the founder of an internet marketing company.and he also co-owns a web design company. He knew from the minute he had kids eventually he would be raising them on his own, and stayed married just long enough to get the kids to an age where they could understand what was happening. The kids’ mom has moved away and remarried, and Dan remains focused and committed to his children.
Bob, dad to John, age 12, and Thomas age 16. Bob left being a full-time big corporate attorney in order to start his own firm because he wanted the freedom and flexibility of being available to his children. Bob has 50% custody of his boys: one week on, one week off. He enjoys going on outdoor adventures with his boys.
John is dad to Kat, age 4, Cameron, age 13, and Jordan, age 17. Twice-divorced, he is a hands-on dad and enjoys taking his kids to gymnastics and volleyball and whatever else they have going on! John is an entrepreneur and co-owns a learning management company. John believes that if you manage your time right, you can be a hands-on dad and a successful businessman at the same time.
Javier is dad to three: Sophia, age 8, Mario, age 6, and Elyssa, age 4. Before his divorce, Javier worked non-stop as a consultant to small and mid-sized businesses. Having learned the importance of family time and being there for the children, and having learned too late the importance of being the person his spouse needed him to be, he is now dedicated to spending as much time as possible with his children, while still balancing his need to be a successful professional, and someday looking forward to a new opportunity to be with someone special.
Steve is dad to Kennedy, 5, Quinn 3 ½, and Colt, 18 months. Steve is a passionate, committed dad first, and senior vice president of a large wealth management firm. Before children, Steve traveled seventy-five percent of the time. He took a different job within the company so he wouldn’t miss even one evening with his kids. Steve believes that focusing on your children first, and building your career around them is the most important thing you can do. It’s critical and can absolutely be done.
Drew, dad to Michael, age 5, who has severe learning disabilities. He is a high-powered executive who wants readers to know that no matter how public your position, and no matter how high up the ladder you’ve climbed, you must surround yourself with a carefully chosen group of people who will unconditionally support you. The rewards are amazing.
Jason is dad to 1-year-old Mason. He’s been a widow since his son was just one month old. He’s also the managing director of a successful insurance company and avid tri-athlete. He’s had a hard road already, but uses his natural zest and enthusiasm for life to keep him from getting down. He feels like he’s been blessed to even be a dad, and wants other widowers to keep the faith. He believes he doesn’t have a moment of life to waste. “It’s too precious, and I’m grateful for (almost) every moment of my journey.”

The Successful Single Dad is the only book for single dads written in a positive, can-do voice, from the coaching perspective, by an executive coach who was previously a single mom. This book provides that road map for creating the life you want, starting right now, today!

HonorĂ©e Corder has dedicated her life to being a positive force for good. She writes personal and professional growth and development books, and The Successful Single Mom book series. As an executive coach and corporate trainer, she turns service providers into rainmakers, average producers into rock-stars, and dreams into reality. For more information on how she can specifically help you or your organization, click here.

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